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Mx Documentation


Adobe PDF version of the March 2004 6th edition of the Mx manual.

Note that PDF versions may require some wordperfect fonts on some systems such as Windows XP, especially when using version 5 of Adobe Acrobat reader. A fix for this problem may be found at: ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/WordPerfect/wpwin/9/wpfonts.exe

In the unlikely event that you don't already have it, the Adobe PDF viewer can be downloaded for free for most popular operating systems.

Mx Key

The files listed below contain an abbreviated list of Mx commands, akin to a reference card found at the back of many manuals. It is not supposed to replace the manual but to be used for quick reference, and is a little out of date (missing some new matrix functions such as allint). The HTML version can be browsed on-line; it is also the most up-to-date. The postscript file is much the largest (100K) but is convenient to print if you have a postscript printer but no Latex. A scanned version of the document is on the way.

Mx Author: M C Neale neale@vcu.edu Department of Psychiatry, MCV