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Mx Examples

This directory contains the several subdirectories with example mx scripts. You are welcome to add your own example directories and scripts.  If you wish to add to this website, please zip or tar the files and email them to neale@vcu.edu and include a descriptive README file.

Note that there is a growing library of Mx scripts at the GenomeUTwin website

Directory Description
Mx manual The Mx manual scripts
Mx GUI Examples for the Mx GUI
GenomeU Twin Website
Many scripts and FAQ for twin, family, QTL and association analyses
MTMM Multi-trait multimethod examples
Selection Raw data & moment approaches to missing & selected data
Neale & Cardon Genetics examples adapted from the Neale & Cardon 92 book
Twin-parent Multivariate twin parent scripts (BG 1994 paper)
Swedish Joint analysis of proband & community samples
Assortment Vanyukov et al assortative mating for substance abuse and ASP
Comorbidity Scripts and data for Neale & Kendler 1995 AJHG paper
Kenny & Judd Scripts and data for fitting nonlinear and interactive models
Mackenzie & Spreng Scripts and data for fitting moderator variable
QTL Eaves et al 1996 Behav Genet Multivariate Multilocus Multipoint QTL analysis
Ordinal Ordinal data analysis with missing data
Association Fulker/Cherny allelic association with stratification test
Depression Sullivan et al Major Depression Meta-analysis Am J Psychiat 2000
Anxiety Hettema et al Generalized Anxiety Disorder Meta-analysis Am J Psychiat 2001
Sex-limitation Cholesky Neale Sex-limitation presentation at BGA 2002
Schizophrenia meta-analysis
Sullivan et al (submitted) Arch Gen Psychiat Schizophrenia meta-analysis
Joint Linkage & Association
Posthuma et al (2004) Behav Genet 34 (1) Comb link & association tests in Mx
Varimax Rotation Script
Contributed by Peter Hoon, self-documented varimax rotation script
Zygosity scripts
Neale 2003 Zygosity Twin Research 6:235-9. ACE model scripts for when zygosity diagnosis is less than perfect
#loop & #define scripts
Example scripts using #loop and #define in Mx 1.63ff

Appendices Neale et al 2006 BG
Appendices for Neale et al "Extensions to the Modeling of Initiation and Progression" Behavior Genetics Article
Andrews et al 2007 Twin Research
Script for underreporting estimation from Twin data

Mx Author: M. C. Neale, neale@vcu.edu