New Features for Mx 1.19

Multiple matrix algebra formulae within a group.


   Title demonstrate algebra function
   Data calc NGroups=1
   M Full 2 2
   N Full 2 2
   Begin algebra;
   Y = M*N;
   C = Y|N;
   End algebra;
   Compute C|Y ;
   Matrix M
   1 2 3 4
   Matrix N
   5 6 7 8
   Opt rs

Note that the left hand side of algebra statements (Y and C in the above example) must be matrices that have not yet been defined in that group. Computed matrices will be printed in the output (unless suppressed by option No_Output). This feature should greatly reduce the complexity of scripts that previously required a calculation group for each matrix formula desired.

Also note the use of ; as a synonym for / to indicate the end of a formula. Beware of forgetting the end algebra statement.

Command line length

The previous limit of 120 characters has been raised to 1200 on most systems, though the IBM RS6000 compiler won't buy more than 500 which is therefore the limit under Aix.

Mike Neale,, Medical College of VA