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New Features

Get the Mx graphical interface from the Mx GUI homepage.  It lets windows users draw diagrams, fit models from them, run scripts, view output in diagram or html or text format.  Summarizes results and more. It can take advantage of Unix Mx versions by running jobs over the internet and returning results to the windows interface.

The 2004 6th edition of the Mx manual is now available. We intend to modify this page as each new version of Mx becomes available. One way to keep track of Mx releases is to install an URL-minder to this Mx - New Features page.

Sorry that we haven't been updating this page as frequently as we intended!! Hope to do better in future. Version 1.66b  Is the latest.   this is the first update to this page since 1.55 and there's a long list of new features and a few bug fixes. Also see Version 7 of the manual There's an Internet course on structural equation modeling that is occasionally taught by Dr. Carlos L.M. Contreras using Mx. Here is a brief list of some of the new features and enhancements since 1.44:

For details of updates and fixes in versions 1.15 to the latest, click here.

Generally, we try to avoid breaking any of the old stuff when adding new features. However, it is possible that some of the features do not interact well with some of the old ones. As usual, if you find a bug - rather than misuse of the program (e.g., supplying very silly starting values) *please report it*. Likewise, if you find yourself wishing for a feature or that it would do something different, please let us know.

Mx author: Mike Neale neale@vcu.edu