Wayne M. Hadady

A historical-format resume is also available.

Wayne Hadady & Associates, Inc.
13020 River Road
Chesterfield, VA 23838-2807
804/739-4576 FAX 804/739-6931

Skills Resume

SYNOPSIS: Software Architect. UNIX Guru. DOS Internals. C-language Programmer. Technical Writer. Turnkey Systems Design and Development. Scientific and Business Background. Mathematician/Statistician. Systems Analyst. Software Tool and Language Designer. Kernel Design and Development. Real-time Systems Engineer. Transaction Database Designer. Migration Consultant. Test Engineer. Reverse/Re-Engineer. Internet Research. Software Development Methodologist. Project Team Leader. Management Consultant. President and Senior Computer Scientist for Wayne Hadady & Associates, Inc., a $90K Virginia corporation.

Development Team Surrogate

Delivery, on time, of robust end-to-end efforts; performance comparable to that of a small team.

Technical Director

Direction of programmer teams to produce orderly, documented, easily maintainable code systems.

Environment Development

Application-specific environments. System administration utility suites. Enterprise-specific libraries for rapid development of production software.

Application Development

Total development: analysis, requirements, design, development, professional documentation, training, and complete transfer of technology to client staff, as required.

Migrations to UNIX

UNIX systems environment engineering for clients migrating enterprise applications to open systems.

Technical Writing

Author of more than fifty technical manuals. Technical editor of AT&T UNIX System V Interface Definition.

Subject Matter Expertise

Industrial experience in the following areas: defense electronics, avionics, ECM, utility power generation, data acquisition, real-time control, point-of-sale systems, simulation, source control, data definition. Accredited in the following areas: chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mechanics, thermofluid dynamics, geology, drafting, mathematics, statistics, automata theory, accounting, economics, marketing, information systems, mathematical modeling, networks, graphics systems, expert systems, software engineering, systems programming, assembly languages, C-language, many other languages.


Computer hardware and software valued at over $40K. UNIX, DOS, Windows, OS/2 and Macintosh platforms. Resources continually acquired to best meet client requirements. Large technical reference library to leverage existing technology. Source codes for common subsystems.

Engineered Solutions

Fully executed software designs, before development, for low cost, highly reliable, documented, maintainable systems. Systems deliberately engineered for growth and change of requirements.

Kernel Design, Suites

Design and development of robust, stable kernel systems for use as the foundation codes of production applications. Selection, acquisition and installation of enterprise software suites.

UNIX Expertise

Expert UNIX user/programmer, including ksh, sed, awk, perl, t/nroff, tbl, pic, eqn, SCCS, RCS, XWS, kernel interfaces, C-language.

DOS Expertise

Real-time systems engineering for industrial data acquisition and control utilizing PC/AT architecture.

Graduate Studies

Mathematics, NJ Inst. of Technology, Newark, 18 graduate credits.
MS Computer Science at Fairleigh Dickinson, Teaneck, NJ.

Undergraduate and Correspondence Studies

BSGS at Pace University, Pleasantville, NY. MIS/Business. Distinguished graduate.
Microprocessor Electrical Engineering, NRI. (Correspondence)
Science, Engineering and Military Leadership at West Point, NY.
Military Prep School at Fort Monmouth, Eatontown, NJ.
Electrical Engineering, CIE. (Correspondence)
Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
High School

College prep program for the sciences. Polywater research. Honor graduate. Top SAT centile.

Personal: Born 7/24/55. US Citizen. SECRET clearance (inactive). Married, two children. US Army 3/76 to 10/80. West Point Cadet ('81X). Renaissance education. Enjoy family, running, reading, war-gaming, writing, computing technologies, and algorithm research. Quick study.

Availability: Inquire. Interested in joint ventures. Will consider employment. Prefer my-site contracts using my resources. Will work client-site for mission-specific efforts of defined duration. If I cannot help you directly, I may know someone who can.